Achieving your business goals: CMB EVENTS Team acknowledges that a successful event means the difference between the money spent and the money earned and guarantees the achievement of your goals.

Reducing the costs and increasing the sales by obtaining an increased productivity of the personnel participating to the event: motivation, performance and positive emotions.

Increasing sales by optimizing the level of interest of your business partners participating to the event.


We know that every part of an event or a meeting is vital, from planning until the final evaluation.
That’s why, CMB EVENTS Team offers professional assistance and counseling from the beginning to the end by the complex involvement of our dedicated staff, under the direct coordination of the Event management.


In over 8 years of experience, CMB EVENTS Team managed a portfolio that counts more than 500 events, with a number of participants varying from 10 to 600 persons.

A large number of suppliers we work with, able to face even the most complex requirements, as well as a strong partnership with them, ensures the success of our actions.


CMB EVENTS Team is constantly concerned to fit into the client’s budget, negotiating and getting involved to the achievement of the client’s goals by struggling and paying attention to any detail, being always proactive in solving unexpected situations.


CMB EVENTS Team puts its receptiveness and competence into creating unique and personalized concepts that will turn your event into a memorable and efficient experience.
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