Romania is a revelation for people longing to return to nature and to simple values. A trip in the Carpathian Mountains, Danube Delta or the picturesque villages from Bucovina is a delight for everyone.

Maramures is an absolutely fabulos place, unique in the world, where the specific traditions and way of life seem untouched by time.
Transylvania is a legendary region, famous not only for being Dracula’s homeland, but also for its medieval castles. Here you will find also the city of Sighisoara which is now the only inhabited medieval Citadel of Europe.

Danube Delta is representing probably the last natural paradise of Europe with hundred of bird and fish species, lakes, islands, forests, sand dunes and channels. You may choose among a variety of nature activities, from birdwatching to canoeing, kayaking and fishing and do not forget to always admire the fantastic landscape.

We are specialists in organizing Tours for groups of leisure travelers all over Romania. Also, our specialists can realize a tailor-made group trip personalized just for you in order to create the perfect experience, all within your budget.

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